Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mark David. E-mail 5

We finally replied in a somewhat hard e-mail, trying to make clear who runs shit here. Just in case we let him know that Donald is a powerful fellow who holds a Victorian Cross and a Cross of the British Empire.
from: Lord Donald McDonald
to: mark david

date: 31 January 2011 14:04
subject: Re: Re: Dear Friend

Dear Mr. David,

Allow me to reply to both messages below and forgive my lateness but your lack of professionalism made me think for a while whether I should reply back to you and whether your offer was thoughtful and honest or just the delirium of a mentally ill person. I will further explain.

First of all you have not agreed to guarantee confidentiality. I cannot further detail my plans if you do not agree over this point. Once you confirm I will let you know about my master plans for our profitable investment.

Even if this was the case (you have not said) it is harder, due to your mainly demanding letters, to know whether I am communicating with a real professional investor. I should therefore require you to send to me proof of identity of yourself and/or the firm you represent.

Finally I do not understand how are you so willing to trust my master plan with your funds without knowing anything about it, unless the reason is that you have heard about my worldwide reputation as a mogul of financial prudence.

Therefore, let me request once more proof of identity to carry on further discussions. If you fail to provide this in due time I may need to look for another investor.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Mr. Sir Lord Donald McDonald FRS CBE VC

Monday, 31 January 2011

Mark David. E-mails 3 and 4.

Well, Mark promptly replied, and in fact he sent two e-mails, since we did not have time to reply to him:

On 21 January 2011 14:55, mark david wrote:

Send your complet details to us with your identification by scaning your international passport or drivers licence, such as your full names , address , occupation , age , phone and fax numbers. so that we will now send our Funds release processing form , which you will fill and return .
We will move the document to our bank and send the bank detail to you so that you can talk with bank , telling them what you need to do with the funds and them the will conclude with you, We will recommend you and give all the necceary documents that will enable you to secure the loan.
You will send 500 pounds to get our form through western union money transfer ,please attach the payment details.
Yours Truly

On 26 January 2011 03:30, mark david  wrote:

The funds you need is now ready to give out i will be sending the payment offices contact details immediately i receive your own contact details only.
The e-mails were so rude we could not reply on time. But the answer would eventually come.

Mark David. E-mail 2.

So, it was our time to reply and we did it promptly. The original idea is to invade Gibraltar, but we thought it was better not to let him know. However if you know we are thinking about this, the message makes more sense.

from: Lord Donald McDonald
to: markdaivid2
date: 21 January 2011 12:51
subject: Re: Dear Friend

Dear Mr.,

Good to see that you seeks to invest private securities. At the moment
I have a project of my own for which I am seeking an extra $40Million.
I already have ready the first $40Million. Before I continue telling
you my plans you must understand that the confidentiality is crucial.

The project may take 2 months to be deploy. Once this happens we will
be in control of an amount as big as half of the assets transferred
yearly to the Cayman Islands.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Prof. Dr. Mr. Sir Lord Donald McDonald FRS
We did not want to 'intimidate' him so we only add a couple of the titles Donald has.

Mr. Mark David. E-mail 1.

So, it was time to get a new scammer scammed and Mr Mark David came in the picture with the following ridiculous e-mail, full of gramatical mistakes.

Date: 20 January 2011 14:30
Subject: Dear Friend

Dear Entrepreneur,
I seeks to invest private securities in a broad range of areas including
real estate, energy, oil and gas, emerging markets, and high-technology.
Within the technology sector, focus is on communications, software, and
digital content and services.
I wish to invest between $2Million-$50Million in any viable project that
you/your company requires fundings for an equity investment capacity,On
review of your company's Business Plan we shall determine on the project's
possible funding.This will be a silent and confidential Management
Placement Investments.
Endeavor to respond promptly if the investment proposal meets your
company's Approval.

Kind Regards,

Direct Tel: +447... (yes, he provides his UK-based mobile phone. We may call one day...)
Direct Fax:

Friday, 7 January 2011

Lewis Colgate. E-mail 6 (and last)

So I got this last e-mail. I had a plan to reply, trying to bribe the police through Donald's lawyer, but in the end I had too much real work and I couldn't reply in time (look at the short time they give me). Note how they write every single word starting with a Capital Letter.
In The Original All The Text Was In A Red Background.
Very annoying, I took that off, you don't have to thank me.

from Mr. david Frank
to lord donald mcdonald
subject Re: Hello: Lord Donald McDonald Are You Dead?,

Motto: No Body is Above the Law.
Tel: +234 (omitted)

Hello: Lord Donald McDonald

Are You Dead?,

I Am Mr. David Frankn (ION) From Investigation Office Nigeria, There Is Presently A Counter Claims On Your Funds By One Mrs. Rose Morgan, Who Is Presently Trying To Make Us Believe That You Are Dead And Even Explained That You Entered Into An Agreement With Him, To Help You In Receiving Your Fund And That Was My Reason Of Calling For Confirmation, So Here Comes The Big Question.

Did You Sign Any Deed Of Assignment In Favor Of (Mrs. Rose Morgan). Thereby Making Her The Current Beneficiary With Her Following Account Details:

Bank Name : Cimb Bank Malaysia
Bank Address : Api-Api Centre, Lot 4/G3, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.Bank Customer
Account Number/Name : 10020069859527
Swift Code & Routine Number : Cibbmykl
Type Of Account : Saving Account

However you are to Reconfirm the below details for prove of alive

Full Name:
Full Address:
Direct Telephone:

We Shall Proceed To Issue All Payments Details To The Said Mrs. Rose Morgan, If We Do Not Hear From You Within The Next Two Working Days From Today Thanks
Call back immediately for prove +234 (omitted)

Lovely Greetings and congratulations in advance.God bless.

Best Regards
Yours Sincerely
Mr. David J. Frank

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Lewis Colgate. E-mail 5

Since we did not get any answer in 24 hours, we decided it was time to write again. It seemed this was going to be the last e-mail for this story, but we still had to hear from the police...

Dear Ms. Lewis Colgate,

My butler specifically stayed in, waiting for your call, and you did
not call. This was mostly inconvenient for me, I must say, since I had
to collect my croquet balls on my own. My guests found that extremely
humiliating. If I had already received the $8.4m I would be able to
afford a second butler to wait for your calls. However, I have not
received anything.

I expect some compensation for this inconvenience. I also expect you
reply promptly with the following details of you:


and some document to prove that you still keep in the bank the $8.4m.

You disappoint me, Mr. Coldgate. And I do not like being disappointed.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Donald McDonald.

Prof. Dr. Mr. Sir Lord Duke Donald McDonald FRS CBE VC FRSE DCM GCSE

Lewis Colgate. E-mail 4

It was about time we actually create some persona, so we got a new e-mail address for Donald and replied in style. Note in particular how we added letters to our name at the end, and the different tooth idioms.

Dear Dr. Lewis Coldface,

Thanks for your e-mail. I am quite unimpressed with your behaviour,
trying to get your teeth into my $0.1m from the total amount of $8.4m.
This came as a kick in the teeth to me. You must not try that again,
be aware that I am armed to the teeth and will go after you. It only
took me a second to realise you were lying through your teeth over

Only two explanations occur to me for this behaviour. The first one,
you are just cutting your teeth through this business, and you are not
used to it. The second one, your bosses are pressuring you to get
commissions. In that case, make them know I am not afraid to show my
teeth, if they try something like that again.

In any case, I feel like I detected a trick by the skin of my teeth,
so before I provide you with my details, I need you to send me some of
your details, in particular:


and some document to prove that you still keep in the bank the $8.4m.

Once you do this, I will discuss with you further details, including
which account in the State Bank of the Principality of Sealand you can
make the transfer to. I understand you are not used to Drachmas, but
you'd better learn soon after Sealand dollars, since it is the only
currency that bank would accept.

In the meanwhile I will keep playing croquet. Do you like croquet?
Maybe we could play together one day.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Donald McDonald.

Prof. Dr. Mr. Sir Lord Donald McDonald FRS CBE VC FRSE DCM GCSE